BEACON Associates


Launching in a new market requires a strategy and a team that can execute. We bring years of experience and a deep network to ensure your successful entry into Japan.




Market Assessment & Planning

  • We carry out quick and accurate market assessment. We look at market size, competitive situation, distribution structure, market trends, and many other features to develop an optimal market entry strategy.
  • We organize face-to-face meetings with potential customers and partners to provide a direct channel to better understand the market and refine your strategy.
  • We will prepare you with the tools you need to enter the Japanese market with confidence.

Partner Development

  • We help you to develop strategic partners to broadly cover distribution channels in target markets to optimize sales.
  • A rich database of decision makers across a wide-variety of industries puts the most relevant contacts within your reach.
  • Structured network also allows for introductions to decision makers outside of our immediate connections.

Sales Representation

  • We provide sales representation services to help foreign companies entering the Japanese and Taiwanese markets.
    • Listing prospective customers
    • Market compatibility of products / services, confirmation of degree of interest
    • Selection of prospective customers with high priority
    • Setting of appointments
    • Confirmation of requirements, competition situation, evaluation process
    • Hearing of budget, term, organization, decision making structure
    • Information provision and adjustment to fill differences with requirements
    • Consensus formation of business scope
    • Support for purchase contract negotiation
    • Continuous project management and provision of historical records

Local Representative

  • We provide comprehensive services to manage physical presence requirements in Japan for both legal and personnel affairs aspects. The client need not prepare an office or telephone and can begin using a local representative on day 1.
  • Though overseas businesses are often pressured to establish a locally incorporated company, it is often beneficial to wait until business has achieved momentum.

Other services

  • Market research (in-depth interview, group interview, online survey, others)
  • Competitive Research / Competitive Intelligence
  • Corporation establishment
  • Product localization support
  • Online Marketing
    • Home-Page production and management
    • Localization
    • Social media marketing
    • EC site operation (Amazon, Rakuten and others)

We also provide the above services to overseas consulting firms and market research firms of many alliance partners.

Track Record

Market assessment

IT: Network security, computer security, data management platform, mobile application, online learning service
Electronics: wearable camera, home IoT equipment, mobile phone peripheral equipment
Food / Beverage: High-grade foods, alcoholic beverages

Partner development

IT: Software development, network security, computer security, data management platform
Food drinks: high-grade foods, alcoholic beverages
Travel / Tourism: Accommodation, Culinary School
Fashion: Jewelry Brand

Sales representation

IT: Software development, network security, computer security, data management platform, biometric solution
Electronics: Toy robot
Food / beverages: high-grade foods, alcoholic beverages, packaging materials
Government agency: Attract business investment
Travel / Tourism: Accommodation, Culinary School

Local representative

Food: Packaging material
IT: Network security, computer security, data management platform, Internet service

Market / Competitive Research

IT: Public cloud service, mobile application, online learning application, online hotel reservation service
Medical: law regulation, case count statistical survey, medical equipment
Finance: Life insurance, asset management company


Emmanuel Roux / COO / EURO STICKS SAS / France
Shin and its organization prepare several clients visits, those were perfectly organized as we could talk directly to the right people of each organization with the right level of decision power. All contacts were relevant and several opened opportunities in Japan. Shin is perfectly aware of cultural differences and briefed us so we can engage with clients discussion respecting local habits. He also offered advices during meetings. I absolutely recommend his organization.

Raili Somelar /Export Manager / Tanel Veenre Jewellery / Estonia
Very professional, accurate and trustworthy. Would recommend his services either to IT company or for design promotions.

Casey Wilms / Director, Product Management / Online video service company / U.S.
Shin and Beacon provided us with a deep knowledge of business development in Japan, supporting our continued business by helping us build relationships with some of the most important brands in Japan.

Antony Ford / Business Development Japan / Kromek plc / UK
We developed a great partnership with Beacon Associates, their step by step guidance and support allowed us to quickly perform a customer survey for a new product development.

COO / Healthcare Research Consultancy firm / UK
I worked we Shin in a number of occasions in the last 5 years and we have always been very satisfied. He is reliable, fast responsive, focused and detailed oriented. He had to research healthcare related information regarding surgical procedure coding and volumes as well as recruit and interview Key Opinion Leaders in the Japanese Healthcare System. He takes proud in his work and always made sure to reach the objective and deliver high quality results.

Research Manager / Market Research firm / Singapore
Beacon Associates/Shin has been a great partner for us in Japan due to his wide business expertise and network in the Japan market. Highly recommend his services.

Ankit Bhandari / VP–Investments / US Freedom Capital / India
It was a pleasure working with Shinichi-san on our B2B delegations to Tokyo. He was professional, courteous and was instrumental in our understanding of the Japanese market. We highly recommend working with Beacon for their professionalism and integrity.

Anandsagar Shiralkar / CEO / FTB Communications / India
BEACON Associates provided consultancy to FTB Communications Pvt. Ltd. to expand the business in Japan. Shin did thorough preliminary research and produced a very detailed research report with facts about various aspects of entering the Japanese market.
We were delighted to see the way services were critically and objectively assessed and challenged. I have also introduced his services to several of my clients. And I look forward to having an association with BECON Associates in coming years!

Janette Lavares / Head of Partner Engagement / Cogencia / Philippines
As Head of Partner Engagement, I deal with consultants and various contractors from around the globe. For Japan research requirements, Mr Shinichi Murakami of Beacon Associates has helped us accomplish our goals and objectives because of his efficiency and timely delivery of reports. Mr Murakami is an honest worker, very cooperative and promptly responds to follow ups. As a result, we gain repeat business. We are always looking forward to new collaborations with Shin-san.