BEACON Associates


We are providing the trade outsourcing service for the Japanese market. In addition to office work related to importing and exporting and substitution of payment of commodity fee, we also provide commercial distribution function as a trading company.




Import & Export Business Support

In addition to procedure of documents in importing and exporting and substitution of payment of commodity fee, we also provide outsourcing of sales orders. We achieve reduction of work man-hours and costs through integration and consolidated management of contacts. We are not only commissioned for mere business work but we carry out co-ordination of transactions across the country with responsibility for the success of the business in the new market of the client.

Distribution Operation Support

We provide the commercial distribution function as a trading company not only for substituting export import business merely but also for maximizing sales of client’s products at the export destination and the import destination. In addition, we also support intellectual property acquisition, sales channel management, online sales, online marketing, etc. in Japan and overseas necessary for distributing the goods safely and effectively.

Track Record

Import & Export Business Support

Food & Beverage Industry: Tea Shop Chain, Premium Foodstuffs, Packaging Materials
Electronics: Mobile phone peripherals, wearable devices

Distribution operation support

Electronics: Mobile phone peripherals, wearable devices


Kunio Hane / President, Representative Director / Hane, Inc.
We are consigning sales of WAVESAFE developed and manufactured by our company in Japan and overseas to Beacon Associates. From the product planning stage of WAVESAFE, I was associating with the president Shinichi Murakami, and he also helped me with development. Recently I got a consultation on the planning of new products, he also pushed me forward, and I get quite tough comments. I will cooperate with Mr. Murakami in the future.

Hugo Boutrais / Gerant – Directeur / La Famille Boutrais / France
I am very happy with your services and highly recommend working with Beacon Associates.
You arranged a face to face meeting with ideal candidate of business partner in Japan and assisted me to create the good relationship with him.

Chiu Mao Ting / CEO / Your Love Creative design Ltd. / Taiwan
I have to say that BEACON is a partner who strive for perfect performance when doing work, communication and comment.
Whatever you do, they can take every aspect into account. And even if there is a force majeure factor, they can provide even more choices. Even in the face of emotional communication, they face calmly and give great feeling of security to our partner and us. Understand each other’s needs in the shortest time, fully understand the essence of the company, change the demand to the maximum value, and meet expectations. They are just like partners who bring up business together.