BEACON Associates

Market entry and research in Japan
Maximize your opportunities
Market entry and research
in Japan
Maximize your opportunities




Beacon Associates is a Tokyo-based research and consulting firm that helps foreign companies to venture into the Japanese market. A team with considerable experience in international business helps the customers succeed in the new market.


Launching in a new market requires a strategy and a team that can execute. We bring years of experience and a deep network to ensure your successful entry into Japan market.



We are your data collection partners, supporting your market research needs for the Japanese market fully in-house.



Considerable experience and past results

We have considerable experience and past results of helping the clients and partners over 20 countries in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia in a wide spectrum of industrial fields such as IT, Electronics, Medical, Finance, Food, Service, Tourism etc.

Wide spectrum of services

We give a detailed help for all businesses needed for venturing in the Japanese market from market research for the first confirmation of business opportunities in the new market to listening to the partners/customer candidates, sales for realizing initial sales, contract negotiation, establishment of a corporation and operation of online stores.

Broad network

We have the strength of quickly listing and contacting ideal customers, partners, which are keys to success in the Japanese market through our broad network and accurate research. We not only contact more than 3,000 key persons in industries we already have contact points with but also contact completely new target companies.